In 1994, a group of San Francisco Bay Area alarm dealers met to discuss problems they were having with alarm monitoring. Those that ran central stations were bothered by the ever increasing costs and management headaches. Those that were clients of other central stations, had different problems. All wanted superior monitoring services, U.L. Listed, at a reasonable cost.

The solution was that the ten of us joined forces, combined expertise and founded Americom Central Station in 1995. We have been joined by many other companies who like our approach and dedication to keeping the end user safe, secure and satisfied. What do we do best? We save you money! We all now pay far less than we did before we joined forces. So do those that have joined us. You can save too!

How good are we? As Alarm Company owners, we put OUR OWN clients where our mouth is. We insist on - and get - the type of service we expect. Everyone gets the same level of service - top notch.


  Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Listed as an Alarm Monitoring Facility, Class UUFX, Fire Alarm monitoring.

California Alarm Association: Member in good standing.

Golden Gate Alarm Association: Member in good standing.

National Burglar and Fire Alarm Association: Member in Good Standing.

California Department of Consumer Affairs, Bureau of Security: License No. ACO 5162.


  Manuel Escobar, President

Mike Williams, Vice President

Bill Cereske, Chairman of the Board

Nelson Tong, Boardmember