Reliable monitoring is the backbone of our monitoring operation and this is where we put our greatest focus. No matter what type of monitoring you need, we can fulfill it.

With alarm receivers from Ademco, Radionics, ITI, DSC and others there isn't a format we know of that we can't monitor, all in U.L. Approved style.

Power loss simply isn't a problem at Americom. The entire operation is backed up with an on line UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) capable of supplying us for four hours at full load. It's not likely we'll ever need it, though, for the UPS is backed up by a 50 KW auto start generator. Backing that up is "Junior", a 35 KW generator, on a separate fuel system. Arrangements are in place for refueling under normal or emergency circumstances .

Key Benefits
Reliable, Professional Monitoring
U.L. Listed facilities and staffing
Friendly, Personable service

  Your alarm clients can often benefit from having the system's activity monitored closely, and reports provided on their alarm activity. This monitoring and reporting can verify janitorial hours and detect illicit comings and goings by those with access to the premises.

Types of enhanced Monitoring include:
Autolog Passive Supervision. Reports are collected and sent to you on a regular basis, which you select. Monthly or Weekly, including user ID if your equipment sends it.
Full Supervision. You provide us with your client's scheduled opening and closing times. We will alert your client (and you, if you like) if the premises fails to close on time, fails to open on time or is opened when it should be closed. Reports are sent as often as you select.
Fire Supervision. In compliance with U.L. standards, we carefully monitor your system around the clock. If the system should fail to check in each 24 hours, or if a trouble signal is received, we notify the client and you. If a fire alarm signal is received, we notify the appropriate authorities immediately.

  Turn our Central Station into your back office. With Dealer Download, you can access your account data (and ONLY your account data) from your computer. Check information accuracy and activity logs at your leisure.

Key Benefits
Information at your fingertips - 24 hours a day.
Up to the minute information on your accounts.
Information travels over a secure telephone connection - NOT the internet.

  As criminals grow more sophisticated in bypassing traditional means of central station communications, Fire monitoring requirements grow stricter with each passing day.

What is the Alarm Dealer to do? Send signals by unstoppable radio! We support both the Alarmnet systems, Uplink and Radionics Fastlink. No need to become a dealer for any of them, because we have arrangements with both systems suppliers to get you on the air today.

With alarm receivers from Ademco, Sur-gard, DMP Radionics, ITI and others there isn't a format we know of that we can't monitor, all in U.L.

Key Benefits
Radio signals cannot be cut and don't care if the wires are down.
One way and two way protocols are both supported.
Alarmnet is U.L. Listed for both Burglary and Fire protection.

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