Chairman of the Board

Meet Bill Cereske, although you may not recognize him without his moustache. Bill has been in the Industry since starting his own Alarm Company in 1972. He had a Central Station for over 12 years, before blending his experience and Staff into Americom. A San Franciscan all his life, other (older) Alarm Dealers (in the early days) alluded strange things to Bill's lifestyle - as a single Guy in San Francisco, yet wouldn't let him date their Daughters. Now single again, they still won't. Some things never change. Bill often disappears during the time he has with his two Boys. Rumor has it that he disappears with them into the El Dorado National Forest, during the Summer - Tahoe National Forest, during the Winter. Being single, he sometimes - just disappears! Being webmaster, he sometimes posts from strange and exotic locales, like near Disneyland.

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