Americom was founded by 10 alarm dealers, just like you. Some of us were larger and some were smaller. Since founding Americom we all have grown. We are members of a joint venture. As such, we think of the dealers who have their monitoring and business services performed here are members of our joint venture too. The only difference between memberships is that you pay no dues! You receive our benefits just because you are with us. Here are some:

Top notch U.L. Listed monitoring Service.
The latest wireless monitoring technology. Today that means Alarmnet. Tomorrow's newest cellular monitoring technology is on the horizon, and in our sights. Most of the industry doesn't even know about it yet. But we do. We're getting ready for it.

Client Billing, Collections and Accounting Services
We can handle it all for you, and send you a check.

Long distance calling
You bet we looked long and hard before committing to a long distance carrier - both for reliability and economy. It's one of the secrets of our low prices! As a member, you can share with our negotiated rate plan, saving you big dollars.

Medical and Dental
Join in on our medical plan and save money on insurance you know you need. Save money because a group plan always costs less than an individual one.

Leads, Leads, Leads!
Whenever we hear from an end user, the lead goes to the nearest member alarm dealers. Our web site points prospective users to our dealers - You - 24 hours a day.

The Internet
This exploding technology offers new and expanded opportunities for alarm dealers everywhere. You can park your email address here, or get one for your company. We can list you on our "Dealer Finder" page - Free. Have a web site already? We can link to it so potential customers can find you in a click. Need a web site designed? Our webmaster can design and maintain one for you at a low cost. Need a place to put your web site? Our webmaster can place members on the web.

Nextel Service
Anyone who has used the Nextel system knows how productive your company becomes when your personnel are equipped with a radio, a person to person radio, a digital telephone, a pager and an auto acknowledge pager all rolled into one tiny unit. Only one problem: You can't talk to the user of another system, like your central station.
Guess Again! Through a one of a kind arrangement with Nextel, Americom dealers can talk directly to the central station and management personnel. Now, your central station is a mere transmit button press away - anywhere in Northern California! It's Great!

Insurance Discounts!
Through a special arrangement, members can obtain alarm industry specific Liability, Errors and omissions insurance at a discounted rate through Rick Gombar Insurance Services. Even better, fees paid to Americom are deducted from your income before your rate is calculated. This means double savings for your Company.

Answering and Voice Mail Service
Have your phone answered in our station by our professional staff. Access your messages from anywhere! Our system can even page you when there is a message waiting.